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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Touching the future with Windows 8 for Dummies by DELL

DELL provides a free e-book about Windows 8 for Dummies, written by Andy Rathbone.
This Pocket Edition isn’t intended to make you a whiz at Windows; instead, it dishes out chunks of useful computing information when you need them. You don't have to become a Windows 8 expert, you just need to know enough to get by quickly, cleanly, and with a minimum of pain so that you can move on to the more pleasant things in life. Best of all, you can get what you need out of this book whether you’re working on a touchscreen, laptop, or desktop computer.
In this book, there are 7 interesting chapters to get to know and deal with Windows 8

  • Chapter 1: The New Start Screen 
  • Chapter 2: The Traditional Desktop 
  • Chapter 3: Storage: Internal, External 
  • Chapter 4: Working with Apps 
  • Chapter 5: Engaging the Social Apps 
  • Chapter 6: Getting Connected and Having Fun through the Start Screen. 
  • Chapter 7: Ten Things You’ll Hate about Windows 8 (And How to Fix Them)
I believe, you will find it very interesting to get started with Windows 8, enjoy:

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